The True You Revolution

Break Free from “Normal” and
Live an Inspired Life as Unique as YOU are!

Imagine being freed from the cage of conventionalism, embracing your OWN dream instead of the expectations of others, and being the True You in every part of your life!

Imagine standing up and stepping out as the True You, being loved and accepted by yourself AND your community, having amazing relationships with people who accept and love all of you!

Imagine stepping into your dream life TODAY, connecting with amazing people everywhere you go and doing the very work that aligns with the True You, your purpose and your passions.

What would it also be like to leave a significant legacy, a positive impact on the lives of those you connect with – all while indulging in this amazing lifestyle of being real and authentic?

We all started out this life filled with wonder, curiosity and insatiable imagination. Then along the way we were taught that we need to be “realistic”, to ensure our security by making safe choices, being “normal” and “fitting in”. Yet deep inside you burns the question… isn’t there something more?!?

I imagine, like me, you’re wired a bit differently. You’re not here to simply fit in and live the status quo… you are here to experience a life filled with FREEDOM and INSPIRATION!

If you’ve been dreaming of breaking free for good from your “normal” life, your status quo, you’re about to discover EXACTLY how to make it happen.

Hi, I’m Jessa Green, sometimes referred to as the “Inspiration Instigator”. I’m the Creator of The True You Revolution, a mentoring program for others who, like myself, have spent years of their lives trying to “fit in” and “do the right thing” to keep others happy while feeling empty, lost and miserable inside. In The True You Revolution, you are challenged with the importance of really digging deep within yourself for therein lies all your answers.

But it’s not just about you and your own authenticity, is it?

You’re looking to BREAK FREE of the Status Quo… by aligning your life, your relationships and your environment with the True You!

You can HAVE IT ALL!

Many people think that it will take years of stress and strain and misery to create the kind of life they secretly dream of. But here’s reality… the path from where you are to where you want to be is a lot shorter and simpler than you might think.

And Jessa Green is the woman to take you down that path… she’s been there herself.

Having grown up in small-country-town Wisconsin, raised within a strongly religious and conservative family, Jessa has learned from many major life-experiences like growing up with divorced parents, surviving her own marriage and divorce from an alcoholic and overcoming estrangement from her family after coming out of the closet. Her main Genius revolves around applying discoveries in neuroscience, psychology, personal growth and spirituality in a blend of powerful practices that change reality itself.

As Jessa puts it, “No matter where someone is right now today, I KNOW that they are truly only 6 steps away… just 6 critical truths from the free and inspiration-led life they long for. With this knowledge in practice, the True You is unstoppable!”

The Time is NOW for your Dreams to be your Reality!

As I have gone through the years, the trials, the experiences and I’ve overcome my struggles triumphantly, I’m clear that I don’t want the magic I’ve experienced in my life to be lost on me. I am committed to passing the knowledge, wisdom and amazing possibilities on to as many as I can! That’s why I’ve created The True You Revolution!

This program ISN’T for you if…
– You don’t like change and you refuse to be challenged
– You prefer to fit in and you want to live the standard “American Dream”
– You insist that the world is against you and that you can never really get ahead

This program IS for you if…
– You are willing to rock the boat called ‘your current life’
– You are done sacrificing your purpose and passions to please or placate the people around you
– You are ready to try new things and take clear actions for the True You and your big unconventional dreams

In this program, I’ll personally walk you through your own inner revolution to give you FREEDOM to break out of the status quo and overflowing INSPIRATION to let the True You SHINE!

Just below, I’ve laid out what you’ll accomplish over the six weeks as we work together, getting you clear on who you are, what you love, and how to keep you totally immersed in the True You for the rest of your life!

What happens in the Revolution?

1 - Uncover the True You

In order to successfully ditch the suffocating status quo, you MUST first reacquaint yourself with the True You and get really clear on what that uniquely inspired life looks like for YOU. We’ll work through some powerful practices to get back in touch with the True You that’s been there all along! Let’s get a clear vision of those big unconventional dreams that inspire YOU most!

Module Value: $400

2 - Believe In the True You

Here you get to take on your B.S. – not THAT BS, I mean your Belief Systems! You’ll learn multiple techniques to rid yourself of fears and limiting beliefs that are trying to convince you of what is NOT possible, NOT probable and that you really should just get back to “reality”.

Module Value: $300

3 - Empower the True You

Level-up by taking on and putting to use your highly charged EMOTIONS (Energy + Motion) to really generate that True You Reality all around you.

Module Value: $400

4 - The True You Mindset

You’ll unveil just how powerful your mind, thoughts and dreams are as you learn from neuroscience and metaphysics using games, exercises and pure revolutionary experiences to create a space where the True You is loved and accepted in the world around you.

Module Value: $600

5 - Stepping Into the True You

Time to STAND UP and STEP OUT as the True You. It’s going to rock your world to find out how powerful even the smallest action steps are when you take those steps as The True You! The time is NOW!!

Module Value: $500

6 - The True You Realm

Finally the True You in the flesh has arrived and we need to make sure you continue to grow and thrive. You’ll learn how absolutely vital it is to have an environment that fully loves, supports and encourages you to continue to live into the truths you’ve uncovered and the dreams you’ve discovered.

Module Value: $400

YOU are the critical component in the True You…

The one absolute necessity in this revolution is your participation. If you’re not willing to do the work, take the steps, and apply what you learn, I cannot do it for you. You must be willing to set aside your fears and doubts. You must go through each of the modules. You must give yourself time and support to participate in the community and do the work. If you don’t actually do it, I can promise you will not step into your big unconventional dream life. However if you apply yourself, take on the challenges and put it all into action, you are going to see major transformations around you and you’re going to love stepping into the True You!

The True You Revolution
Program Value:


Don’t wait to find the True You!

$697 just $497

Join the Revolution!

Because more than anything I want to see the True You SHINE and light up the world, enroll now and you’ll also get:

The True You Revolution Group Calls

Each week of the program we’ll have a live, group call to check in. On this call, everyone will have the opportunity to share where they are struggling, ask for support, share their wins and really solidify the dream you are creating.

Private Access to the Members-Only Facebook Group

I want to help you personally with your revolution, so you’ll have access to the private Facebook community where you can ask questions and get support from me when you need it most along this new adventure! You’ll also be able to rally encouragement and accountability and connections from other True You Revolutionists!

Lifetime access to The True You Revolution

You’ll have 24/7, lifetime access to all the session recordings, all course materials and all updates to the program, so anytime you want to review what you learned or perhaps add new ideas to your dreams, everything is right at your fingertips in the members-only website!

The True You Revolution Program
and Bonus Package Value:


Don’t wait to find the True You!

$697 just $497

Join the Revolution!

What happens when you say YES?

Once you’re enrolled in The True You Revolution, you’ll receive a welcome email.

Your email will have a link and instructions on how to join the private True You Revolution Facebook Group and your next steps to get this party started!

You’ll also receive your log in details to access the membership site, where you will have access to the module recordings and materials as they are released.

We’re going to have SUCH an amazing time together!!

“There is a you-shaped hole in the world that only the TRUE YOU can fill.”

– Jessa Green –

No more fitting in. No more hiding your black sheep in the closet. Your unique, beautiful self, passions and talents need to be unleashed in the world because there is something magical that happens when you allow yourself to shine from the inside out. It spreads hope and love in a world of darkness.

It’s time to finally feel the freedom of being yourself in your whole life. Its time to stand up and step out as the True You. And as you do, you will inspire and create new pathways for others to join you to be true to themselves.

Don’t wait any longer.
The True You is longing to be FREE!

$697 just $497

Join the Revolution!

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