The True You Challenge - 5-Day Mini-Workshop

Welcome to The True You Challenge!!

Below are all 5-days of videos with all 5 days assignments in an ebook link at the bottom!

Dig in and let the True You SHINE! <3

True You Challenge - Day 1

In todays’ video we dig into the Struggles that have forced the True You into hiding and have bound us in the suffocating status quo and clarified the Dream we want to see in our lives instead.

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True You Challenge - Day 2

On Day 2 we learned about our Meaning Making Master and we began to separate “What Happened” from “What It Means”.

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True You Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 gave us the opportunity to recognize our brain’s natural filtering system and began learning to program new filters in to replace the old, unhelpful ones.

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True You Challenge - Day 4

On the final day, we each made a statement to commit to the True You and a life of inspiration and finished with a clear action step to fulfill on within 48 hours. The doors to the True You Revolution have OPENED!!

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What happens in the Revolution?

1 - Uncover the True You

In order to successfully live into your big unconventional dreams, you MUST first know the True You and get really clear on what those dreams are. You’ll come to recognize your beautiful, divine uniqueness and get clear on what it would look like for you to be in your ideal working situation, the healthiest and most loving relationships you can imagine and thriving in your most desired environment.

2 - Believe In the True You

Here you get to take on your B.S. – not THAT BS, I mean your Belief Systems! Those pesky things that float around in your head convincing you of what is NOT possible, NOT probable and that you really should just get back to “reality”. You’ll learn about your #1 SUPERPOWER and how to leverage it to completely shift out of the fitting-in and being-normal spaces you’ve been stuck in!

3 - Empower the True You

Now you’ll LEVEL-UP that super-power you took charge of in the previous session by taking on and putting to use your highly charged EMOTIONS (Energy + Motion) in order to really get the shifts of stepping into the True You and that wild adventure that is now so clear!

4 - The True You Mindset

You’ll unveil just how powerful your mind, thoughts and dreams are as you learn from neuroscience and metaphysics using games, exercises and pure revolutionary experiences to create a space where the True You is loved and accepted in the world around you.

5 - Stepping Into the True You

With your mind and heart aligned for a big shake-up, now you STAND UP and STEP OUT as the True You. It’s going to rock your world to find out how powerful even the smallest action steps are when you take those steps as The True You!! Your time is NOW – Let’s DO THIS!!

6 - The True You Realm

Finally the True You in the flesh has arrived and we need to make sure you continue to grow and thrive. You’ll learn how absolutely vital it is to have an environment that fully loves, supports and encourages you to continue to live into the truths you’ve uncovered and the dreams you’ve discovered. Let’s make that divine True You a SUCCESS!

About The True You Revolution

The True You Revolution is a 6-week transformational experience where we dive deep into our core selves to uncover the True You, empower the True You and take clear and irreversible action to dump that suffocating status quo that’s been running your life!

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